Monday, February 23, 2009

Keeping Up With The Buzz

There is good news out there for businesses (here) who are thinking about using social media to reach the Baby Boomer demographic. Folks between the ages of 43-63 may not be plainly visible on social networking sites in droves but the good news is that they are lurking. Yes, that's right, Baby Boomers like to read blogs to inform themselves on topics that are of interest to them. And they use Google Blog search to find them (here).

The blog-o-phere was all a buzz this past week with the news (here) and (here) that Face Book would be changing their user agreement to reflect some alarming details. They originally stated that they would retain ownership now, here and forever of their users content of any kind. Since then, due to public outcry, that change has been revoked and we can all rest easy. Thank you Face Book! You were looking scary there for minute...

Twitter has been gaining ranks in Web 2.0 at a record pace this past year. This trend will likely increase with the addition of the "Twitter Search" (here) where one can scan tweets for content to liking. Obviously, a very useful tool. The infectiousness of Twitter is gaining momentum with every tweet and retweet across the service.

And lastly, You Tube added a new application called "annotations" (here) which allow views to comment not only on the page below the video but actually on the video as it plays - to the side. The word on the street is that the application is "interesting" but likely will be more "useful" as time wears on and folks come up with creative ideas to make it work for them. By the way, if you think it is distracting you can just turn it off in the account settings. *Poof* no more.

LinkedIn is the new resume. Don't get side tracked. You can't exist effectively in social networking without it. It is your credibility statement (here). Read just how to leverage Facebook and LinkedIn together (here).


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that people consider social networking as something for the young. Thanks for noticing that I'm out here!

Anonymous said...

How do you start a blog anyway?

Anonymous said...

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My favorite place to build a blog is here ( It's a free service and there are some really useful templates ready to use.

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