Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Social Networking, Say What?

The Austin Business Journal and about 20 other news sources in the blog-o-sphere are reporting that social networks are now more popular than emailing on the Internet. Between FaceBook and LinkedIn, the interest in communicating with friends, family and collegues is now in social networking direct mailing services. The reason for this is the ease of mobile internet access in cell phones.

China is continually outpacing the U.S. in the social networking revenues. The U.S. just hasn't quite yet found a way to make it profitable, even though the phenomenon is wildly popular. China's corporation QQ achieves this through digital items and casual game revenue, two concepts that the U.S. is slow to grab a hold of. Second Life or a virtual pair of Chanel sun glasses for your avatar anyone?

Pro Blogger considers what is a better social networking tool, Twitter or Blogging. The final tally is that they are inherently different and therefore cannot by chosen between. The services
support each other. Twitter drives traffic in a fun way to the blog. And blog content is achieved through browsing Twitter. Makes sense.

SEO Scoop is very much in the thinking that blogs are the replacement solution to the idea of a formal website. The problem that the blog solves over the conventional static website is that it can be constantly updated with content and is interactive. Also, information can be categorized for easy access. It is less expensive for these purposes.

Top Ten Blogging advocates that when a business takes a blog live, it should reflect the orginal website in theme and content. Even with a basic Word Press it is relatively simple to integrate a background that reflects the business's overall design. If a business is going to have a static website and a blog, they need to synch in style and content.

But remember, there are content rules.

One Spot Blogger states that there are three basic rules for business blogging that make it useful and successful.

1) Focus on your customer, not your wares.
2) Give them something useful.
3) Have a unique perspective.

The whole point about a business blog is that it educates and connects. And plus, it's inexpensive. And we all like that addition to our profit margin.

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